A remarkable door specifying and scheduling product.

RapidSpec© is an industry-leading technology. It is the first software developed for automatically creating door schedules, drawings, project estimates and bills of materials. The operator uses multiple choice and yes/no questions together with the required dimensions and RapidSpec does the rest. Save time, increase accuracy, reduce errors and make huge efficiency savings.

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Why RapidSpec™ is the industry’s #1 tool

RapidSpec automatically produces a door schedule document with detailed, scaled and dimensioned drawing. You can also duplicate any door set in a project, make any adjustments and prices will be recalculated automatically. You can even duplicate an entire project at the click of a button.

RapidSpec offer just the right package for your needs. We’re so confident in the product that we don’t tie our customers into a contract. If you’re not satisfied, there’s no risk.

RapidSpec™ avoids costly mistakes...

It really is RAPID!

Time is money. RapidSpec was designed and developed for professionals who know the value of their time. That’s why it takes just a minute to specify a customised door type with door, frame, and vision panels.

We’ve also made it possible to find any individual door set from any customer in a matter of seconds. At the click of button, you can instantly:

  • Make adjustments and email a new drawing
  • Duplicate a door set or entire project
  • Make changes and prices adjust automatically.

More Accurate

During data entry, RapidSpec ensures the specification is correct, giving you peace of mind. For example, when adding ironmongery, glass frame material or door core, RapidSpec only permits the correct fire rated materials to be selected.

RapidSpec will not allow an incorrect frame or structural opening to be specified.

Save money from day one

By increasing productivity and reducing errors and inaccuracies, RapidSpec saves your business money immediately. It is an investment that serious door specifiers and manufacturers cannot afford not to make.

Faster work processing

Find any door set from any customer in a matter of seconds. Copy it, move it, change it; RapidSpec will alter the door schedule, the drawings, the cutting sheets and re-price the project immediately with 100% accuracy.

Produces door schedules

  • Turns a highly complicated procedure into a simple task
  • Orderly, comprehensive input of data inspires confidence in delivery
  • Designed to eliminate errors
  • Easy to use
  • Within hours of instillation operators can produce high quality professional quotations

Convert more prospects

Anything that makes a customer’s life easier will help you close the deal. The clarity and accuracy provided by RapidSpec will set your documentation apart from your competitor’s. Be confident that the proposal you submit reflects the high standard of work you deliver.

Automatic Drawing & Documentation

With RapidSpec, all drawings and the entire project document is produced at the click of a button.

The door schedule, numbered door drawing, any additional ironmongery list and drawings of any associated screens are produced automatically. Simply print the door set drawings or the schedule with or without prices.

Absolutely no drawing skills are required with RapidSpec, so you can spend time where it really matters.

Reduces Errors

Errors are costly and can cause havoc on the shop floor. When RapidSpec calculates door core cut size, frame component sizes, glass type and size etc. you know it’s right.

When a project is ready to process, RapidSpec tells you what to buy, who to buy it from, and what size to cut it. No errors. Our clients claim that they save more in wasted material than the annual cost of RapidSpec.

FREE Training Included

RapidSpec is a very intuitive tool. Operators need just two hours of on-site training to get them up and running; producing project quotations the same day.

RapidSpec has been carefully developed over a period of 20 years. Our work has focused on making it easy-to-use, fast and error free. Training is a included when you purchase your RapidSpec license.

Administration holding you back?

Increase productivity - Administration makes up between 20 and 25% of door manufacturing costs. This means you have four or five admin staff for every 20 shop floor workers. Shop floor workers have tools to increase their productivity; don’t neglect tools for the office that will impact the bottom line.


  • Keep your quotes consistent
  • Creates a price as you select items
  • Constantly checking for errors
  • Choose FD30 fire rating, for example, and only suitable items are available for selection
  • Ironmongery: you can add cost, machining recess cost, fitting cost and add your required margin
  • Adjust price manually to add extra cost (delivery etc.)
  • Add additional amounts in cash or as a percentage
  • See a full financial summary of any project instantly

Download this simple spreadsheet to show the financial benefits of using RapidSpec

RapidSpec™ Happy Customers...

Door Kits Ltd...

“We’ve used RapidSpec for 3 months and it’s a godsend. Two of us in the office recently quoted for a €70,000 project in 1 and a half hours. This would normally have taken at least a day. We then just print a bill of materials in 5 minutes.; we just make the changes, re-quote and re-print a new bill of materials immediately”.

Eugene Cornally, Managing Director,

Door Kits Ltd, Roscommon, Ireland

Doors Cubicles & Boards (Leeds) Ltd...

“Administrators now handle orders while our sales team look after customers. Productivity in the office increased by 24% in April/May and we have reduced lead times by one week. Savings in administration alone this year are expected to be in the region of £50,000. Increased productivity is hard to apportion but we believe that the RapidSpec effect is significant.”

Mike Jewitt, Sales Manager.

Doors Cubicles & Boards (Leeds) Ltd

Company Profile

Database Design (UK) Ltd was Formed in 2002. The company produces bespoke office administration and automation software.

One of the company's first tasks was to automate an inefficient works order processing system for a door manufacturing company in the Midlands. During the study of their workflow it became evident that the company was losing customers and orders due to the time taken to produce quotations. Admittedly, the process was very complex and the spreadsheet system they had been using, helped a little but It was still an inefficient system.

It was noted that even when an order was accepted and in production, errors in communication of technical specifications to the workshop floor and misunderstanding within their workforce, led to further waste of time and materials. Making a profit was a luxury.

Understanding the specific needs of door scheduling enabled Database Design to engineer the software that would take away these problems one by one.

The Software has since matured and extended it’s original brief to encompass a whole host of other benefits. For example instant quotations in just the time to fill a few menu selected options: often whilst the customer is still on the telephone.

The success of the software in undeniable and now available to the industry with a tried and tested product.

Manufacturers Version

Specifiers Version

Automated Drawings

Door Schedule

Project Ironmongery

Manufacturers - RapidSpec™ Prices the Job for you!

Welcome to RapidSpec Manufacturing V20S. The only software of its kind, providing automatic door and door set pricing and detailed scaled drawings for door specifiers and manufacturers.

RapidSpec V20S is supplied with parameters already set for pricing every door or door set that you offer, whether you are a manufacturer or supplier.

The program automatically creates a quote as you specify what’s required and can be adjusted at will. RapidSpec calculates the correct cost and selling price for supplying, machining for and/or fitting ironmongery, vision panel machining costs, intumescent strips, glass and beading, locks, bolts, hinges, frame and architrave costs, door costs, letter plate, door viewer, etc.

You can add or subtract a cash value and or add or subtract a percentage value, giving you total flexibility.

RapidSpec produces door set drawings, a door schedule and ironmongery schedule automatically based on your requirements. You can choose to utilise a door set library and can display or hide prices. (we don’t offer this feature any more)

RapidSpec makes scheduling fast, accurate and significantly reduces operator stress and costs. Enquire now.

Give the customer a better service and reduce costs...

RapidSpec make it crystal clear to everyone involved exactly what is being specified. The program offers customers a complete specification on one A4 sheet of paper. The information if so concise that a door can be manufactured from this single document.

When the drawings are bound together with the Door Schedule and Ironmongery Schedule you really do have something that is going to impress. What looks like a weeks work will take you less than a day.
Drawings can be emailed during a telephone conversation. So your customer gets a document that would normally take 40 minutes to produce, in seconds. How's that for customer service?

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With RapidSpec Door Schedule Software, you will eliminate Mistakes, Stress, Cost and Time...

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