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Door specifying and scheduling software

About Us

Database Design (UK) Ltd was Formed in 2002. The company produces bespoke office administration and automation software.

One of the company's first tasks was to automate an inefficient works order processing system for a door manufacturing company in the Midlands.

During the study of their workflow it became evident that the company was losing customers and orders due to the time taken to produce quotations.

Admittedly, the process was very complex and the spreadsheet system they had been using, helped a little but it was still an inefficient system.

Finding the best solutions

It was noted that even when an order was accepted and in production, errors in communication of technical specifications to the workshop floor and misunderstanding within their workforce, led to further waste of time and materials. Making a profit was a luxury.

Understanding the specific needs of door scheduling enabled Database Design to engineer the software that would take away these problems one by one.

The Software has since matured and extended it’s original brief to encompass a whole host of other benefits. For example instant quotations in just the time to fill a few menu selected options: often whilst the customer is still on the telephone.

The success of the software in undeniable and now available to the industry with a tried and tested product.

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