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Why RapidSpec™ is the industry’s #1 tool for Fire Door Manufacturers

At the click of a single button RapidSpec will create a full quotation document including: Presentation Page with your Logo, Customer Name, Project Reference, Job number, your accreditations, optional terms and conditions, Door Schedule with/without prices, a set of Door Type drawings with all related door numbers and if you choose the additional Screen Software a drawing for each Screen Type or side panel.

RapidSpec Prices the Job as you go!

Making sure that nothing is missed out, RapidSpec adds the cost and selling price to every item you select. So you know all costs are covered and your selling price is correct. Every operator given the same specification will produce exactly the same selling price.

You then have the facility to add or subtract an overall mark-up to each door set, giving total pricing rigidity or flexibility whichever suits your needs. You can choose to utilise a Vision Panel Library and can display or hide prices. At the same time RapidSpec is creating detailed, scaled and dimensioned drawings for your Quotations and, if needed, your shop floor.

RapidSpec calculates the correct cost and selling price for supplying, machining for and/or fitting ironmongery, glass and beading, locks, hinges, frame and architraves, push plates and kick plates, etc.

RapidSpec produces a bill of materials that covers every single item selected and a full cutting list for the factory floor, instantly.

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