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RapidSpec automatically produces a door schedule document with detailed, scaled and dimensioned drawing. You can also duplicate any door set in a project, make any adjustments and prices will be recalculated automatically. You can even duplicate an entire project at the click of a button.

It really is...

Time is money. RapidSpec was designed and developed for professionals who know the value of their time. That’s why it takes just a minute to specify a customised door type with door, frame, and vision panels. We’ve also made it possible to find any individual door set from any customer in seconds.

Save money from
day one

By increasing productivity and reducing errors and inaccuracies, RapidSpec saves your business money immediately. It is an investment that serious door specifiers and manufacturers cannot afford not to make.Our clients claim that they save more in wasted material than the annual cost of RapidSpec.

Training Included

RapidSpec is a very intuitive tool. Operators need just two hours of on-site training to get them up and running; producing project quotations the same day. RapidSpec has been carefully developed over a period of 20 years. Our work has focused on making it easy-to-use, fast and error free.

Why choose us?

RapidSpec© is an industry-leading technology. It is the first software developed for automatically creating door schedules, drawings, project estimates and bills of materials.  The operator uses multiple choice and yes/no questions together with the required dimensions and RapidSpec does the rest. Save time, increase accuracy, reduce errors and make huge efficiency savings.

RapidSpec offer just the right package for your needs. We’re so confident in the product that we don’t tie our customers into a contract. If you’re not satisfied, there’s no risk.

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